SAT preperation course

Oct 05, 2021 EDUCATION

Let’s Focus On Structure Of SAT- College Preparation Courses

The new SAT started in March 2016 and looks very different from the old SAT with ten sections of different lengths. They were 10, 25, and 20 minutes in length, and the order of subject was also completely random. Among these types of sections,sothers included unfamiliar types of questions.

The new SAT preperation course was unfamiliar for the new test-takers as the format was much different from the older one. But here: There is no need to deal with all the sections; instead, you can choose four or five sections to take an optional essay. This is due to the elimination of the experimental section. In the new SAT structure chat, you will find five sections that include reading, writing, language, math no calculator, optional essay, and math calculator.

Reading section

The reading section of SAT Is going to be the longest section that is of 65 minutes. All the real questions are in passage form, where you need to answer 10 to 12 questions that are asked for each of five passages, and there are other 52 questions.The subject and source matter of each passage is mainly three determined and considered useful information for test preparation.

You will mainly get one passage from world literature, two from history and social studies, and the other two related to science. Most of the passages are accompanied by graphics such as graphs or tables.

SAT preperation course

Writing and Language section

The time taken in the writing and language system is about half of the reading section that is 35 minutes. It is technically known as writing and language, but I will here it as writing. All of the questions are in the passage poem, where 11 questions are available in four passages. The subject matter of writing passes is also pre-determined to deal with social studies, careers in science, and humanities.

Here, you will also find data interpretation questions related to graphs and tables and the writing section is no exception. The structure of math no calculator does not allow a student to use a calculator. Here you will get 15 questions in multiple-choice question form, and the remaining 5 are student-produced responses.

Matt’s calculator section is known to be the longest section among other math sections that asks 38 questions. Here you will get 30 multiple choice questions and one extended thinking question that includes graphs and problems. All other questions are related to one another collected from skill areas of math such as algebra, data analysis, and advanced mathematics.