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Explore More About Small Glass Pipes

What is a tiny glass pipe?

A Pizzo is another name for a Small Glass Pipe known as an oil burner, tweak pipe, gack pipe, crank pipe, and ice pipe. It is a special glass pipe that features a tube connected to a spherical bulging object with a small opening. They are mainly used for freebasing methamphetamine or to crack cocaine and other drugs. Some specific uses for these glass pipes include applying holes on the top of a bottle to inhale aromas.

Drugs that are smoked by using a glass pipe include cocaine, opioidsmethamphetamines, and marijuana.  These are also used to crack cocaine, often smoked inside a cylindrical glass pipe. Vapors of heroin and methamphetamine are inhaled after they are heated inside a bowl or a glass pipe.

 Why are glass pipes preferred for tobacco consumption?

Glass pipes are always excellent for handling thermal heat when used for smoking or tobacco consumption. They do not absorb or hold heat easily during smoking compared to metal and ceramic pipes, which often store heat uncomfortably. These pipes thus become difficult to handle due to their attribute of heat absorption, which can also affect the flavors procured in the process.

 How to smoke a glass pipe?

Smoking a glass pipe is usually done with a hand pipe, which can refer to any form of ignition or the inhalation of a dry herb like bongs or chillums. Once when the user has grounded the dry herb with the help of a grinder and then filled the pipe to their liking. Not necessarily stuffing it fully or tightly should be avoided, as this can hamper airflow. Most pipes have a small hole on one side, known as a “carb.” Ignite the herb with a small lighter and inhale gently by plugging and then releasing the carb. This action controls the airflow for the dry herbs and prevents them from burning.


Small glass pipes are one of the classic, old-school smoking devices ever known to have been used by our parents and grandparents. The borosilicate glass pipes, also known as “bowls,” are ideal for glam tokers of all types. Glass hand pipes are typically used for dry smoking; there should be no water-based diffusion in the smoke unless we are looking for a bubbler. To know more, you may look over the web.